DEEP TIME CHICAGO is an art/research/activism initiative formed in the wake of the Anthropocene Curriculum program at HKW in Berlin, Germany. The initiative’s goal is to explore one core idea: humanity as a geological agency, capable of disrupting the earth system and inscribing present modes of existence into deep time. By knitting together group readings, guided walks, lectures, panels, screenings, performances, publications and exhibitions, we hope to develop a public research trajectory, offering a variety of formats where Chicago area inhabitants can grapple with the crucial questions of global ecological change.
To launch the project we are organizing WALK ABOUT IT, which is a series of public excursions to significant sites in the metropolitan area, alternating with a reading group on Anthropocene issues. The idea is to make the direct perception of the urban environment into the basis of a philosophical reflection on the new era. We’ll also be publishing a series of pamphlets by group members and affiliates, to define the range of our approaches. This website will document related exhibitions and talks. Educational alliances with universities are under development. Your participation will make all the difference.

Deep Time Chicago receives generous support from the Goethe-Institut.