Deep Time Chicago and SAIC Conversations on Art and Science present:




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This symposium addresses recent discourses and practices that define our complex relationship with nature and culture in this political moment. The notions of fact and evidence have acquired an unprecedented level of fluidity – have we now entered the age of ‘post-truth politics’? How is the complicated relationship between art and science impacted by these cultural turns? How might contested notions of truth shape essential research questions and methodologies? The representations, policies, and lived experiences of climate change are a point of culmination for all of these concerns, and the focus of this event.

Panel 1 – Truths: Searching and Researching
Jim Sweitzer, Lecturer of Liberal Arts, SAIC
Mick Tosca, Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts, SAIC
Claire Pentecost, Professor of Photography, SAIC
Bryant Williams, President of Chicago’s Southeast Environmental Task Force

Paleoecology and Climate Change (the news from the bottom of a lake)
Jason McLachlan, Associate Professor of Biology, Notre Dame University

Panel 2 – Interdisciplinary Frameworks: Representation, Data, and Knowledge(s)
Andrew Yang, Associate Professor of Liberal Arts, SAIC
Giovanni Aloi, Lecturer of Art History, Theory, and Criticism, SAIC
Kathryn Schaffer, Associate Professor of Liberal Arts, SAIC
Jeremy Bolen, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Photography, SAIC

Finding Ecologies of Hope: The Historian’s Task in the Age of the Anthropocene
Julia Adeney Thomas, Associate Professor of History, Notre Dame University

Panel 3 – Art and Activism Now: Resistance, Challenges, Productivities
Marlena Novak, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Film, Video, New Media, and Animation, SAIC
Sara Black, Assistant Professor of Sculpture, SAIC
Tiffany Holmes, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Professor of Art and Technology Studies, SAIC
Lindsey French (MFA 2013) Lecturer in Contemporary Practices and Art and Technology Studies, SAIC
Parade of banners bound for People’s Climate March and the March for Science Chicago
Olga Bautista, Chicago’s Southeast Environmental Task Force

Faculty moderator: Oliver Sann, Assistant Professor of Photography, SAIC
Student panelists: Shoa Alattas, Meredith Eugenie Leich (MFA 2017), Maleny Lopez (BFA 2018), Joshi Radin (MFA 2018), Miguel Sanchez-Bastida (MFA 2017), Falak Vasa (BFA 2018)